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Han-Ki Kim
Han-Ki Kim, a Composer and Violinist, graduated from Keimyung University College of Music and Graduate School, as well as Michigan State University Graduate School. 

 Mr. Kim's compositions are mainly for string instruments, and he arranges them by quoting hymns, world-famous melodies, and folk songs and children's songs from each country. In particular, his compositions based on Korean folk songs and children's songs - Sonata, Suite, etc. - have considerable value and weight as significant works of art. For example, his musics are performed as designated pieces in competitions in Korea and the United States, and are also studied as research literature in universities. 

 The characteristic of his work is that since he is a performer himself, the progression of notes is efficient and it is more instrumental, so the performance effect is high. His daily wish is to “make the whole world beautiful through music.” His works not only enjoy widespread performances with global acclaim but are also selected as required repertoire for competitions in the United States and Korea, and are studied as assignment pieces for master’s and doctoral research theses. 

 Notably, the world-renowned Italian ensemble “I Musici” recorded his composition titled “Four Seasons of Korea” in 2003 and commissioned him to create a piece in commemoration of their 60th anniversary in 2012. In 2012, Han-Ki Kim was chosen as one of the 12 composers representing South Korea, appreciated by K-Classic. He received the Daegu Music Award in 2014 and the Grand Prize of the Republic of Korea in 2018. In 2024, he was appointed as the Best Composer of “K-Classic”. Currently, he is a professor emeritus at Changwon National University.
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