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Thunderclap Newman Sheet Music

Although singer-songwriter Speedy Keen (born John Keen) wrote much of this short-lived band's material, its impact was derived from the quirky, old-fashioned image of pianist Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman. Guitarist Jimmy McCulloch completed the original line-up responsible for 'Something In The Air', a soaring, optimistic song which was a dramatic UK number 1 hit in the summer of 1969. The song was produced by Pete Townshend, for whom Keen had previously worked as a chauffeur (one of his songs, 'Armenia City In The Sky', appeared on The Who Sell Out). The album Hollywood Dream bode well for the future, highlighting Keen's surreal vision and Newman's barrelhouse piano fills, but a long delay in selecting a follow-up single undermined the band's standing. The eventual choice, 'Accidents', was another excellent composition, but lacked the immediacy of its predecessor. Despite the addition of two new members-Jim Avery (bass) and Jack McCulloch (drums) - Thunderclap Newman were unable to achieve a satisfactory live sound and, bereft of chart success, broke up. Speedy Keen and Andy Newman began solo careers, Jack McCulloch joined Andwella's Dream, while Jimmy McCulloch joined Stone The Crows and, later, Wings.

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